Sunday, September 21, 2008

Part 3: In the Wake of Discovery: Photos from previous blog , the first month of journey. Photo descriptions at the bottom.

1: Tavern Rock: Meriwether Lewis nearly fell to his death along this set of cliffs]

2:Approaching storm near Sioux City Iowa.This particular storm broke the poles on my tent.

3: Muddy boots along the river.

4: Typical tree roots exposed along the river.

5: Bridge at Boonville. The noise from the train kept me up all night long.

6: Another approaching storm.

7: Original river like it appeared for Lewis and Clark near present day Ponca State Park, Nb.

8: Sgt. Floyds grave and marker. He was the only member of the orginal expedition to have died.

9: Limestone cliffs along the Missouri near Herman.

10: Disaster camp where I flipped my boat and lost a lot of food and gear. Here I'm drying everything out.

11: The Riverman Dallas Kropp and his bait shop. Dallas let me camp in the basement of his shop and use it as a base camp for a day. Thanks Dallas!

12/13: These last two photos are of a typical wing-dike. There is one every couple hundred feet for about 750 miles of the lower Missouri River.

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