Saturday, April 12, 2008

Part 2: What and Why I paddle: The story of the

Kruger Sea Wind-Solo Expedition Canoe

One of the great features of this boat is the amount of room and easy accessability to gear. There
are no tiny hatches to cram gear into, oft times requireing many small dry bags in order to do so. You can use just a couple large 5000 ccm bags to hold all your gear. I've watched friends spend a lot of effort in getting gear in and out of their kayaks. They even have one special dry bag just for their sleeping bag. It's one big hassle if you ask me when you can put all your clothing, tent, sleeping bag and whatever into one big bag. I never feel limited on what I can or need to bring. Its a canoe remember! In 2004 I did a solo 6- month journey carrying far more than the average person would normally carry. Not only did I have my necessary gear and two-weeks supply of food but I also carried a large Pelican case containing a lap-top computer, another P-Case containing a satellite phone, and two cameras. I also carried two folding solar panels to recharge all my batteries. This was for a historical project involving the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial...thats a whole different story. The Kruger Sea Wind has a removable seat so I can sleep inside the hull. Many Kruger oweners have built a tent to erect over their canoe..sort of a canopy type thing. How many times have you watched a sea-kayaker spend so much time and effort limiting what they bring and fitting it into cramped deck holes? And then after that, they themselves cram their bodys into the cockpit. You can probably tell I'm a little biased, but after experiencing all these discomforts myself before owning a Sea Wind, I would never want to go back to another boat. Even if you're just paddling for a weekend outting with friends; why not bring the cooler, two burner Coleman stove, folding table, and a case of beer? It too will all fit in the Sea Wind. Its a great canoe for dog owners as well!

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